Saturday, December 13, 2008

How can you sleep when Assisted Living Dracula is on?

I've just rediscovered an old tape from my extensive VHS collection that contains an Aqua Teen Hunger Force marathon from 2004. It was a Halloween type of event and they had some creepy old guy doing lead-ins before and after the commercial breaks. It's bringing back such great memories from that time. This was right around the time when I discovered ATHF for the first time and I would tape the episodes and watch them over and over. My favorite episode had to be "The Shaving" which was about an onion-looking monster that lived in the Aqua Teens' attic. There's something about Halloween episodes of funny shows that make them really excellent. My favorite episode of the Simpsons is also a Halloween episode and in the case of both shows, those episodes were the ones that got me hooked onto the shows in the first place.

On another topic, I've decided to try out online dating again. I did it for a brief time last year before I got involved in a relationship (with someone I knew offline) and it was a really fun, exciting adventure for me. One site emailed me a few weeks ago about an amazing deal they were having (3 months for $30 total) and the deal was simply too good to pass up. My matches had been accumulating since I signed up last week and I had about 50 to sift through when I sat down at the computer tonight. I sent my first round of questions to a whole bunch of guys and we'll see how things turn out.

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