Sunday, December 21, 2008


So Friday the snow started at around 2 and luckily I was able to work from home that day. Once it started, it was extremely heavy and it didn't let up all night. We got around the foot or so they were predicting. Then on Saturday, I woke up and much to my horror, it was STILL SNOWING! Not heavily, but still. And on Saturday, it did not let up the entire day. Luckily that day it was pretty light the whole time. Which brings us to Sunday. ANOTHER huge storm just finished dumping another 10 inches on us and oh joy, it's supposed to drop down to 10 degrees overnight and everything is going to freeze over. I went outside to dig my car out twice today to try to prevent a bad morning tomorrow and the second time I went out there, I found that the plows had completely piled up the snow around my car. I made some progress digging out the sides and getting it off my car in general, but the snow was so heavy already and who knows how much more damage the plows are going to do overnight, not to mention what a layer of ice is going to do to "help" the situation. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's commute.

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