Thursday, January 1, 2009

You've got me wondering why I, I like it rough

I've spent the past 2 nights hanging out again with T and it's been amazing. Tuesday we decided at the last minute to get together and do dinner. He came by my place to pick me up and took me to a Mexican place near where he lives. We had some more great conversation and by the time we were done, he started throwing out suggestions for things we could do next. It was quite cold out at that point, so we decided to go back to his place and just watch some tv. I stayed there for a few hours and he really didn't make any moves on me at all the whole time I was there. So after the last movie that we were watching ended, it was about midnight and I told him I should be heading home since it was so late. He was like "Yeah, I guess", kind of sounding a little bit disappointed. Then as we were getting our shoes on, he started talking about how he's all about honesty and he's not really good at dating and that he never knows about statuses and how things are going. I tried to get him to say more, something more specific but I could tell he was really nervous at this point. I told him I liked how things were going and that I'd been having a good time with him. He said the same, and then kind of hesitated for a minute and finally then leaned in to kiss me.

His kisses were so gentle and tentative at first and then he started to pull me close and really get into it. I LOVE the way he kisses and I don't think I've ever been able to really say that about a guy 100% before. He didn't use too much tongue, but he used it enough and he just seems to do exactly what I like. After a while there on his couch like that, he stood up and took my hand and I asked where he was going. He answered "the bedroom", but I told him I didn't want to go too fast. We stood there and kissed a little while longer and then it really was time to go. I looked right into his eyes and told him I had a great time and he held onto my hands and said "I'm glad". So we headed out and he drove me back to my place and when we got there, I leaned in and kissed him one last time before I got out of the car. When I was walking away, I turned back to look at him and he was sort of looking down with his hand over his mouth smiling big. So needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night, reviewing all these events in my head :)

Then yesterday was new year's eve and since neither of us had had any concrete plans, we decided to get together that night too. We were planning to head into the city but there was a huge snowstorm here and the temps were going to drop into the single digits so he just came up to my place to hang out. He got here around 7 and for the first few hours we just watched some TV and talked a lot. Again during this whole time, there was no contact between us and he didn't make any moves. Neither of us knew how to break that ice again. We decided to order some pizza at one point and when we were done eating we headed back to the couch where we had been watching TV and this time, we both sat close enough to each other that our arms were touching. During a commercial break, I stood up to get my sweater because it had gotten a bit cold and when I sat back down, he put his arm around me.

After just a few seconds he took his arm away, moved a little closer and tried again. Then he looked at me kind of nervously and said "I never know what to do" and he laughed a bit. I told him I didn't either (I'm always sooo nervous in these situations too). And then, very shortly after that, we started kissing. It started really really slow, exactly the way I like things to go, and then he started pulling some things out of his bag of tricks. Wow, he has moves that I love - and I don't think I've ever said that before about another guy. He did this thing where he would suck on my bottom lip and really lightly use his teeth while at the same time, he was touching the front of my neck. Definitely did good things to me :) We probably started making out shortly after 11 and we didn't stop until 2:30. He complimented me on how soft my hands were and how he liked touching my hair. I liked playing with his hair too... it's slightly longish and also really soft. Several times during the night we ended up laying side by side on the couch, facing each other and just staring into each others eyes.

He reluctantly said he had to go once 2:30 rolled around and so he started getting ready, put his coat and shoes on, etc. I went to turn the heat back up on my thermostat because I had started to get cold once we stopped doing stuff, and he said something about how it would be colder now and how all good things must come to an end. And then our goodnight kiss turned into another 10 minutes of intense making out. He kept saying how I wasn't making it easy for him to leave :)

So, things are going well but I'm trying not to get my hopes up yet. Things are just sooooo different with him than they were with J. So much better. More soon....

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