Sunday, November 2, 2008

quiety descending into winter

This has been the quietest weekend I've had in recent memory. But in some ways it was nice. On Friday night I got to really sleep, which again, I haven't done for EVER. I think i got around 12 hours in total and I was completely shocked when I woke up Saturday morning and saw that it was noon. Saturday, my only real activity was to go food shopping which was very productive. I spent $75 since I had a lot to stock up on, but $50 of it was essentially free because I used a gift check that I've been holding on to for months. Then as I was checking out, the cashier boy decided to flirt with me a little, which was funny because he couldn't have been older than 16 or 17, but also flattering because I can use all the positive reinformcement I can get these days.

Sunday I was anticipating to be another quiet day, but around 1, my mother called saying she and my dad were in the neighborhood and they wanted to know if I wanted a little company. So, they came by and we had a little bit of lunch together and my mother helped me do some deep-cleaning on the kitchen and bathroom while my father napped.

This week I'm hoping will be a little more eventful than the last. I've got an email in to my old old high school friend (and crush) - we've been trying to make plans for weeks and weeks now and I'm dying to hang out with him again. I'll probably send another email to that guy who got electrocuted the last time we tried to hang out to see if he wants to reschedule for this week too.

And it has been COLD here for the past few weeks. Like, winter cold. For instance, right now it's in the low 30s and at least 2 days last week I woke up to full-blown ice covering my windshields. Winter is not supposed to come this early... especially not when we know we have 6 more months until spring decides to emerge. We totally got gypped out of fall!

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