Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm back from the funeral and working on getting things back on track in my life. Despite the fact that we were all gathered together for a tragic reason, it was quite interesting to spend such an extended amount of time with my extended family. For example, one long lost relative insisted that I don't look a day over 13 (I'm 25).

Now I'm back at my apartment and watching back to back DVD episodes of Sex and the City. My breakup routine generally consists of marathoning some of my favorite tv shows, preferably the ones that include relationship drama. First I went through all of my episodes of Gilmore Girls (seasons 5 through 7 - I have 1 - 3 on order and am watching 4 on Netflix, one disc at a time). Now I'm back to SATC and yes, I have the whole series so this should last me a while.

One terrible, terrible thing about the internet is that you can very closely keep up with the social activities of your ex. Nothing bad has been revealed about the ex (yet), but it's clear from his facebook that he's keeping himself busy and trying to move on. It's kind of torturous to have access to this kind of information because on the one hand, I want to know everything, but on the other hand, everything I find out makes me miserable. But I have decided that it's time for me to start getting back into the social scene and attempt to move on as well. I contacted a guy I went on one date with last year - this was immediately before I started dating the ex - and we're going to do some catching up. Not necessarily anything romantic. I'm also trying to set up some lunches and dinners with friends I've fallen out of touch with. Right now the main goal is to keep busy. After that, I'm really going to focus on figuring myself out.

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